РІО шампіньйон


To ensure continuous cultivation, modern equipment of leading European manufacturers is installed at the production.
Chiller Carrier is a refrigeration machine for use in large rooms. This equipment gives an opportunity to set individual parameters of air for each room and to support climate in each mushroom room throughout the year.

Modern fully automated boiler house is designed for heating and providing hot water for the whole plant. At our boiler house management of all processes is displayed on the central panel, thus the process is fully optimized.

Separate climate set point serves each cultivation room and performs automatic day-and-night control of all processes in the room. Due to this, individual climate for each phase can be maintained in each cultivation room.

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Competition recipes

The first, second and third places will be announced every month and the winners will be awarded with gifts according to the rules of this contest. The list of the gifts you may see here.