РІО шампіньйон

Interesting facts

In french the word “champignon” means “mushroom”.
Champignon is the most common mushroom in the world. It’s being used in cuisines of many nations and in authorial meals of famous chefs from different countries. Cultivated mushrooms first appeared in Italy about a thousand years ago and then mushrooms got to other countries rapidly spreading around the world. In Europe the French were the first who started cultivating mushrooms in 17th century. The Paris Gardeners growing mushrooms in the meadows gave them the name of "the Paris mushrooms." At the end of 17th century it was noticed that champignons grow well in basements or underground areas. Some monarchs of that time held special cellars for growing champignons, as that mushroom was supposed to be very expensive and rare delicacy made for elite.
It’s impossible to get poisoned by champignons, this kind of mushrooms is eaten even in countries where the use of mushroom as food had no place at all. For example, British and Scandinavian people started using mushrooms recently. There’re countries, Poland for example, which can’t imagine their cuisine without mushrooms. Many European countries appreciate champignons so much that mushroom meals are very expensive at elite restaurants.
Champignons are widely used in cosmetology. A lot of high-class beauty salons are offering facials made on champignons basis to their clients.

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