РІО шампіньйон

The Raw Materials

The raw material for growing mushrooms is compost. The composition of compost for champignon includes the following main components: straw, chicken manure, gypsum, water and spawn.

As on today, the main supplier of raw materials for growing fresh mushrooms for our company is “Mikohen Ukraine LTD”. This choice was made because of the right approach of the technological process of manufacturing compost by the enterprise. High quality, packed and timely delivered compost allows us to obtain the maximum amount of cultivated mushrooms. High – grade peat mixes that we use for cultivation are received from reliable suppliers as well.

One of the most important ingredients for growing mushrooms is water; we get it from artesian wells and before serving irrigation it is purified at treatment plants.

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Competition recipes

The first, second and third places will be announced every month and the winners will be awarded with gifts according to the rules of this contest. The list of the gifts you may see here.